NOTE concerning terminology
The Framework Agreement and the First Nations Land Registry Regulations use the term “document” (in English and French), instead of the term “instrument” (in English) and “acte” (in French), which correspond with the terminology in the Indian Land Registry System (ILRS) and sometimes in the First Nation Land Registry (FNLRS).


To create a new account, forward your request for “CITRIX – ILRS Access” to INAC IT Services by email to: or call toll free: 866-795-6465. You will need to ask for full access to the ILRS (FNLRS) and include the First Nation, your name, job title and contact information. Access should be limited to Land staff that are authorized to conduct Land Management tasks on behalf of the First Nation.

To access Citrix-ILRS log into the Access Portal – (New link coming soon)

ILRS (FNLRS) Public Access

Non-lands staff and third parties can access the public FNLRS site to generate Parcel Abstract Reports and Instrument Searches: (New link coming soon)


The FNLRS User Guide includes the following topics (see Attachment “O” – link coming soon):

  • Logging into the First Nations Land Register
  • Using the Online User Guide
  • Setting User Preferences
  • Introduction – Purpose of Guide
  • Instrument Status
  • Initiating an Instrument/Upload Feature
  • Searching and Retrieving Instruments
  • Exporting Search Results
  • Searching and Retrieving Land
  • Viewing Parcel Detail
  • Viewing parcel using E-Rip (Geoviewer)
  • Reports – Viewing and Printing Reports
  • First Nations Land Registry Regulations
  • First Nations Land Management Act

When logged into the Citrix-ILRS account, you can access the ILRS/FNLRS/SGFNLRS Online User Guide which provides detailed information for using the FNLRS.