Operational First Nations will have Natural Resource provisions under their Land Codes, including removal requirements. You may want to consider development of laws such as:

  • Protection, regulation and granting of Interest/land rights (QC) in Natural Resources
  • Fees, stumpage, or royalties to be paid to the First Nation for the removal, extraction or use of minerals, gravels, timber and water from community land and from Allotments or CP lands
  • Fees to be paid to the First Nation for permits, licences, and other Interests/land rights (QC) and for applications and administrative processes including registrations
  • Hunting, fishing, and management and protection of fish, water fowl, wildlife and their habitat on First Nation land
  • Protection and management of flora, fauna and other vegetation for cultural harvesting

Sample Laws:

  • Sand and Gravel Removal (law)
  • Agriculture (law, permit, policy)
  • Tsawout Soil Deposit and Removal
  • Tsawout Heritage Policy
  • Tsawout Timber Permitting


First Nations that have developed a Timber Permitting process – see Attachment “L”

  • Tzeachten Timber Cutting and Removal Process and Permit Policy – Aug 2010
  • McLeod Lake Indian Band – Forest Management Planning and Cutting Permit Approval Process – Draft of February 9, 2009
  • McLeod Lake Indian Band – Application for Development
  • Opaskwayak Cree Nation Timber Permit Process – July 2008


  • SAMPLE – Timber Cutting & Removal Process
  • SAMPLE – Timber Permit Application
  • SAMPLE – Timber Permit