First Nations are working to develop Traditional Land Holdings Laws (Family Holdings, Custom Holdings, etc.) that merge the non-registered historical knowledge of the reserve to grant interests/land rights (QC) under the new system of Land Management. These types of interests/land rights (QC) are being researched and a new type of land tenures (e.g. Individual Land Holding (ILH), Right of Occupancy, Certificate of Allocation, etc.) are being shaped for those First Nations that do not issue Certificate of Possession on reserve. Under a First Nation Land Code unique interests/land rights (QC) may be created by First Nations to reflect their preferred instrument name.

This section will be expanded once more laws are developed, in the meantime you can contact FNLMRC Support Technician to see if there is more information available.

The examples provided relate to common law jurisdictions. They must be adapted in Quebec when dealing with bi-juridical concepts. For additional support, seek assistance from the FNLMRC Support Staff.