The following is a suggested list of items you may wish to include on your website:

  • Logo, Pictures and Background Information of the First Nation
  • Current Leasehold Development include Property Managers contact information




  • First Nation Laws
  • First Nation Land Use Plan (Public Map) and all other development processes
  • First Nation Heritage Policy
  • First Nation Environment Assessments (minimum 20 days) with the ability for the public to comment on the assessment
  • Link to INAC – Wills & Estates


Examples of Websites:

  • Notices & upcoming events
  • Land Office Contact Information
  • Enforcement Officer


  • Links to Local Resource – law offices, notary office, surveyors, appraiser, Building Inspectors, Environmental Consultants, Financial Institutions
  • Links to other First Nation Resources: other First Nation websites, FNA4LM