INAC will continue to help manage the estates of deceased, minor or mentally incompetent status First Nations individuals who were residents on a reserve.

For more details on INAC Wills and Estates Program please see:

  • Decedent Estates Program (Updated links coming soon)
    • Administering an Indian Act Estate: General Information for Administrators
    • What Should I Do When A Loved One Dies?
    • Settling a Family Member’s Estate
    • What is a Will and How do I Make One?
    • Why Make a Will?
  • Living Estates Program (Updated links coming soon)

You may want to work with your Membership Clerk to ensure there are workshops and information provided to the citizens on a regular basis.


Only upon Transfers on Death, would a First Nation be involved in estates matters. It is important to work with the INAC Estates Officer to ensure any Admin Transfers are filed at the Land Governance office on the appropriate registration form (see Attachment E – Registry Form No. 1 – Estate Transfer).